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Bethany Howard

"After experiencing many approaches to healing and therapies, I continue to come back to Transformational Breath."


On my journey to overcome pain and suffering on physical, emotional and spiritual levels of my being, I've gained the most integration through Transformational Breath®. Today I live with joy and encouragment. For that reason I am dedicated to teaching and facilitating others to an opened, flowing and connected breath.


Beginning in 1989 as a Massage Therapist, a Certified Shiatsu practitioner, Reiki Master and Integrative Energy Therapist, I have found that my clients who have opened to their own breath recover quickly and  thouroughly on all three levels.


Having co-trained with founder, Dr. Judith Kravitz, I offer workshops in Massachusettes, New Hamphire and Maine.  And offer individual sessions in my offices in Newton and Franklin MA, Rye and Belmont NH and by home visitation. Most particiapants who come to an Introductory Workshop and are eager to engage in 3 to 5 Breath sessions to kick start their breath experience.


I look forward to working with you. You'll thank yourself over and over for experiencing Transformational Breath®.


***Check out the Transformational Breath® Foundation Website at and learn about the history of this breath system and the founder, my mentor, Dr. Judith Kravitz.***


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