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     Connect the Breath


"Transformational Breath® is a spiritual self-empowering healing technique designed to open the respiratory system,    clear the subconcious of negetivity, and allow a deeper alignment with our highest potential." - Dr. Judith Kravitz

Many people live at a fraction of their life force, hopes and dreams longing to emerge... and settle, unaware of the ease in resolution.


When we choose to restrict our breath, we hold on to the patterns that restrict our own life, living within the confines of old tapes or neuropath ways. As our bodies age, our flowing breath pattern is what keeps us full of vitality. A healthy breath pattern is a healthy life.


We know we only use 30 percent of our breath capacity but often don’t realize our breath can be opened to broaden that capacity.

The process of Transformational Breath® connects our breath which, when practiced, increases potential that creates a flowing breath and a happier more fulfilled life.


Founded by Dr. Judith Kravitz, and practiced by millions around the world, Transformational Breath® uncovers miracles in actual proof.


Why not bring more breath for a better life?

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